The world has discovered, and loves Japanese Pop Music (J-pop) and Unicorn Table is the band on the forefront of this musical revolution. Blasting directly from Tokyo, Japan, Unicorn Table is bringing this authentic cutting edge music world-wide with their own brand of energized crossover Pop Rock sounds!

Unicorn Table is Salia and shin-go - two incredibly talented veterans of the Japanese Pop Music scene. Salia is an alluring trendsetting singer/song writer, whose claim to fame includes the "Cutey Honey Flash" theme and "Trust" from the anime "Vandread," and shin-go is the group's lead guitarist and musical mastermind whose production can be found on the hit Anime series "Solty Rei," "Pumpkin Scissors," and the Paramount Pictures live-action movie, "Casshern." Together they put the funk back into Pop Rock as they energize fans on and off stage with their unique blend of up-tempo electric guitar rifts, synth layered production, incredible solid vocals and trend setting styles that keeps Unicorn Table standing out from other musical acts.

From their classic first album "uncountable" which features popular music from the Anime "Jinki;Extend" and "School Rumble" to their self inspired new Album "INTO THE FUTURE," Unicorn Table is moving into the future and bringing the sound of great Pop Rock J-music with them!